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The following list shows the names of the original signatories to the Constitution of the Hearing Conservation Council and who therefore constituted the initial Executive Council of the charity as defined in clause 13 of the Constitution.

Gregory Bock - Deputy Director of Medical Research Charity.

Ronald Hinchcliffe - Emeritus Professor of Medicine.

Linda M Luxon - Professor of Audiological Medicine.

Padmanathan Ratnesar - Consultant ENT Surgeon.

Navnit Shah - ENT Surgeon. (Now retired from the Council)

Chloe Jean Wilson - International Health Administrator.

John Foster Wilson1 - International Health Administrator.

Following registration of the charity by the Charity Commissioners, the following members have been added to the Executive Council:

Peggy Chalmers - Audiologist.

Ian McKenzie - Consultant in Audiological Medicine.

Valerie Newton - Professor of Audiological Medicine.

A J Thambapillai - Consultant ENT surgeon.

Michael Gleeson - Consultant ENT surgeon.


1.  Sir John Wilson died suddenly on November 25, 1999.  He and Lady Jean Wilson were instrumental in creating the Hearing Conservation Council.




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