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Applying for Funds


The HCC currently awards small (£500) grants for work within its various fields of interest. Please note that grants are normally made to the applicant’s institution and not personally to the applicant. Anyone wishing to apply for funds should send their application to The Honorary Secretary, Professor Linda Luxon, by post, fax or email. We do not have a standard application form, but the application should be brief (no more than 4 A4 pages) and should include the following sections:

1. Summary

This should be a brief summary of the goals of the project, the nature of the work to be carried out, and the outcome measures to be used.

2. Goals of the project

This section should explain clearly the nature of the problem and why there is a need for the proposed work to be carried out.

3. Methods

This section should give details of the methodology of the project. If the study is a survey, then the mechanisms for recruiting patients should be explained.

4. Analysis and evaluation

If your proposed project involves gathering data, you should explain how you will evaluate the data. If the project involves the provision of services, you should explain how you propose to assess the effectiveness of your intervention. If the project is technological (eg., development of a hearing aid), you should describe how you will ultimately determine the practical effectiveness of the technology.

5. Justification of the budget

Explain how you propose to use the money you are requesting from the HCC. If the money is to be used to buy equipment, give details of the equipment.

6. Other resources

Explain what other resources are available to you for carrying out this project. This should include people, equipment and other sources of funding.

7. Referees

Please give the names and contact details of three people who are familiar with your work and who can therefore evaluate your application for funds.




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