Image of Jean, Lady Wilson OBELady Jean Wilson is the President of the Hearing Conservation Council; President of the UK IMPACT Foundation and Vice President of Sightsavers International.

With her husband Sir John Wilson, she established the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind in 1950 and with a firm focus on the significance of education and rehabilitation for those with disabilities, their work had a global reach, resulting in the development of many national organisations for the blind, in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

During the 1970s, she was involved in the founding of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and acted as Consultant to the World Health Organisation coordinating arrangements for the World Health Day publicity.

“There is a race between the science which can expand the span of life and that which can influence the quality of life, a race we must win in ear care”. Lady Jean Wilson, Founder & Chairperson HCC

In 1981, Lady Jean was involved in the organisation of the Leeds Castle International Seminar on the prevention of disability – and it was this seminar which formulated the global strategy upon which, subsequently the UNDP and the WHO established the International Initiative Against Avoidable Disability which has become known as the IMPACT programme. There are now fifteen national IMPACT Foundations.

Having co-founded the Hearing Conservation Council in 2000, Lady Jean is also the leader of the Consortium which supports the post of Hearing Health in the WHO both financially and professionally.