There are fourteen million people in Malawi and this entire population is served by just one ENT surgeon.

Recognising the huge need for trained ENT medical personnel in this country, HCC has been concentrating on training and has funded the studies of two Malawian doctors – the first was assisted through his training in Capetown and the second, in Nairobi.

Audiology training in MalawiSince all medical staff are so few, clinical officers conduct outreach work from district hospitals, however they lack comprehensive training and knowledge in ear care. HCC has therefore provided funds for two clinical officers to take their ENT diplomas in Kenya and they now work in Salima and Lilongwe respectively. We are also now assisting in the development of the first ENT Diploma course in Malawi which is taking place in Blantyre, wherein a consultant from HCC is organising the sequence of instructors from Nairobi University and volunteers from the UK. Fifteen clinical officers are enrolled on the course and when qualified, they will work in district hospitals across the country, with outreach to neighbouring villages.

Most recently, our Consultant assisted Malawi’s ENT surgeon in the writing of a National Ear Plan for the country, which has been accepted by the Ministry of Health and he is returning this month to assist in its development.

The following images were taken at the Karonga School for the Deaf, and show some audiologists from the USA and Rachel Evens an audiologist from the UK. They are pictured with some audiology technician students who are undergoing training. Karonga is in the far north of Malawi, and very close to Dr. Wakisa Mulwafu’s home town.

Our projects in Malawi

Image showing Dr Chirwa, ENT surgeon, Malawi, during his training in Kenya Dr Chirwa, ENT surgeon in Malawi funded by HCC

Dr Chirwa is finishing his ENT training course in Kenya, and should be working as an ENT surgeon in Malawi by the end of the 2013. Dr Chirwa is pictured during his course in Kenya.