When you next update your Will, why not consider leaving a legacy to HCC? Donations of this kind can be tax-efficient and are an enduring gift that will assist us with our work today and into the future.

As you would expect, we give a great deal of thought to how we use every bequest entrusted to our care, and we ensure these funds are invested wisely to maximise the benefit they can bring.

Making a gift to us in your Will is presently very tax efficient as anything left to a registered charity is free of inheritance tax, when otherwise your estate may have have been subject to this charge. Perhaps you’d rather your hard-earned funds benefitted a good cause, rather than be directed to the Treasury for use at their discretion.

Always remember to seek professional advice from your solicitor or financial advisor before making or changing your Will, as it is always best to check how your actions will affect you specifically. Information is also available on the online.